nimbleTV Review

Stream Live TV Over the Internet with nimbleTV

nimbleTV is one of the coolest services I have seen in a while! For a relatively inexpensive monthly fee, you can access a wide range of television channels and stream them over the internet. Networks like ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and others are available, as are channels like HBO, Showtime, and the other networks you’d expect to find on any other cable or satellite subscription package. All popular web browsers are supported with nimbleTV, along with iPhones and iPads, Apple TV via Airplay, and Roku boxes as well.

Three plans are currently available at nimbleTV: a $29.98 monthly plan gets you 64 channels and a 20 hour upgradeable DVR; a $54.98 plan includes 82 channels (over 30 HD channels) and a 90 hour upgradeable DVR; and a $79.98 plan includes 133 channels (over 50 HD channels) and a 90 hour upgradeable DVR. Since nimbleTV is based out of New York City, all of the local channels in these packages will be from the New York area.

I’ll have a full review in the coming weeks, but I did have a chance to briefly play around with nimbleTV on my Roku box and I can say that I was quite impressed. If I were to put on a channel and show it to someone who didn’t know any better, they wouldn’t know that they were streaming live TV over the internet. The quality is that good.

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