How to Stream Live Sports Over the Internet

How to Stream Live Sports Over the Internet

A deal breaker for many people who cut the cable is losing live sports. Channels like the NFL Redzone could really prevent a huge football fan from becoming a cable cutter and saying bye-bye to cable and satellite TV once and for all. While the only sport I watch is UFC—and I’ve written about streaming live UFC events at great length in the past—Lifehacker recently had an interesting post on what to do if you’re a fan of more tradtitional sports.

MLB baseball games, NFL football games, NBA basketball games, and NHL hockey games all offer “season pass” streaming packages where you can pay a cost per season and stream games live. Most if not all also offer apps for various streaming devices, such as Roku boxes, Apple TV, and even for devices like iPads and iPhones. Cost varies depending on the service, from around $130 per season if for, upwards of $300 for NFL Game Pass, $130-$200 NBA League Pass, and $150 per season for NHL GameCenter Live. There’s also MLS Live for soccer fans at around $60 per year.

Depending on your location, you may also need to pay for a VPN service on top of the subscription fee, as some games could be blacked out, or you simply may not be allowed to view any of the games if you’re outside of North America. Fortunately, VPN services like Hide My Ass are relatively cheap, especially when purchased for a full year in advance.

Via: Lifehacker

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