The Best Way to Watch UFC Events

The Best Way to Watch UFC Events

I’ve been a UFC fan for a long time, and I’ve watched events a variety of ways. Over satellite, over cable, and streamed over the Internet using my web browser as well. Without a doubt, the best way that I have found to watch UFC events is with the channel on a Roku box.

The main reason for this is the picture quality. I have admittedly been away from the cable and satellite worlds for a few years now. At that time, the best picture quality you could achieve with such a service was 720p or 1080i. Everyone who knows anything about high definition and HDTVs knows that the optimal picture quality is 1080p. Obviously, 720p and 1080i is a noticeable step below this.

When watching UFC events in the past, the best picture quality I could achieve over cable or satellite was 720p. Using YouTube or in a web browser and ordering UFC events that way would give me similar picture quality, but I always found the frame rate to be a little off. For whatever reason, streaming UFC events under Windows gave me less than ideal picture quality. You could tell that something looked a little off compared to using a set-top box from a television provider.

And then I bought a Roku box. With the channel installed, it’s possible to stream UFC events over the Internet at 1080p resolution. This resulted in picture quality that was far beyond what I was used to watching over cable and satellite. Because I have a projector (a BenQ W1070) and a 115-inch screen, anything below 720p didn’t look that good at all. The screen size was too big for the smaller HD resolution. This problem is eliminated with the Roku box, thankfully. Even at 115 inches, the picture is crisp, clear, and the level of detail is amazing.

This past weekend I was watching a UFC Fight Night event and was so impressed I decided to snap a picture of the screen (shown above) and write this blog post. Granted, it’s hard to capture the picture quality of both the stream itself and the screen on the sub-par iPhone camera, but you get the idea.

Whether you’re still on the fence about cutting the cable completely, or if you have and you’re looking for the best way to stream UFC events, a Roku box is the way to go. Get the most out of your HDTV and stream the events in 1080p.

2 thoughts on “The Best Way to Watch UFC Events”

  1. Hey, just found your blog, and I have learned quite a bit today. I am certainly anxious to cut the cord from Charter Cable TV. Crooks. Thanks for the info!

    I just wanted to comment on the UFC. When I was a younger man, I might have been a fan of this brutal sport. I was a fighter in my younger years. However, having grown older and more mature, I see a side of the sport that should never be overlooked, by anyone.

    In my view, the UFC is a BIG step backwards in the progress of civil society. That kind of brutal fighting just the sick, mindless recreational viewing of low thinking spectators is a throwback to the days of Roman slaves having to fight to the death… or even to when the Romans threw Christians to the lions so that spectators could entertain themselves by watching the gruesome activity.

    For a few minutes of violent entertainment, many of these unfortunate fighters will suffer horrible consequences later on in life that you wouldn’t wish on even your worst enemy.

    If you’ve never seen someone slowly become a vegetable because of the slow, progressive deterioration of their brain due to traumatic brain injury from UFC fighting, then you can’t fully grasp the real impact that it has on that person and the people around him.

    Many of these fighters will suffer early dementia, severe depression, suicide or otherwise tragic ends that no one deserves to have happen to them. They may have been well paid for their work, but no amount of money is worth what many of these fighters will ultimately endure.

    Someone is going to get killed… for your entertainment. Is that progress? Is that moving humanity forward? Will his suffering and his family’s suffering be worth it? Can we not find ways to demonstrate athleticism and exciting sport without sacrificing human life? Or, will we always have elements in the bowels of our society that feast on the suffering and mutilation of innocent human lives.

    While I still enjoy a good boxing match on occasion, I can no longer support UFC type fighting. It is simply too brutal, and the only real way I can protest is by not attending and not watching their events. I would like to believe that I have advanced well enough in my maturity and world perspective to see that there is no socially redeeming value in my participation of the UFC in any respect. I hope you will reconsider your position on the UFC.

    1. I started writing out a big response to you, but the fact that you condemn MMA yet admit you watch boxing is mind boggling.

      You want to talk about a sport where its participants suffer permanent brain inurjies? Look no further than boxing. There are countless retired boxers who can barely speak now because of all the shots to the head the took from boxing. At least MMA has options of kicking to the legs, submitting the opponent, and wrestling. Boxing is all about punching the other guy in the head. Flash knockout? Let’s give the guy 10 seconds to get his shit together and stand back up so the beating can continue! Yeah, sounds safe to me.

      You can enjoy your boxing or whatever, and I’ll stick to MMA. Which, by the way, is sanctioned by the same athletic commissions that govern boxing. So the two sports actually have a lot more in common than you’d expect. But I don’t expect that you know much about MMA at all, as your post and its comparison to Romans slaves fighting to the death clearly illustrates.

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