How to Get UFC Fight Pass on Roku

How to Get UFC Fight Pass on Roku

Wondering when UFC Fight Pass will make its way to the Roku? Turns out that it’s already available. Kind of.

I touched on this on Saturday when I was watching UFC Fight Night 34: Saffiedine vs. Lim. Technically the fight card was to be available on the new UFC Fight Pass digital network, which is essentially just a rebranding of the service. However, UFC Fight Pass subscribers found that if they loaded up the app on their Roku boxes, they could access the fights–both the prelims and the main card. This is likely because the UFC is taking its time transitioning the service into UFC Fight Pass.

After UFC Fight Night 34 was over, I figured I would explore the app a little further. Before the UFC Fight Pass network was announced, the channel on the Roku had a lot of fights that I could buy for a nominal fee if I wanted to watch them. But, with a UFC Fight Pass subscription, all the fights are supposed to be free. Fortunately, just as I suspected, all of the fights that once cost money through were now free.

Give it a try if you’ve signed up for UFC Fight Pass. You’ll find that through the channel on your Roku you can access the library of fights that are currently available through the service. After UFC Fight Night 34 ended, I spent the rest of the morning going through old fights, free of charge.

When browsing the Fight Pass library on the Roku, you’ll discover that not all the content is available. You’ll find a lot more stuff through the UFC Fight Pass website, but there is quite a bit accessible through the channel on the Roku. You can also search for specific fighters or fights.

I figured that if this worked with the Roku, it would work on my Android phone as well, but no such luck. I wasn’t able to access the library of older fights through my Android, so Android users will have to wait for an official app to launch. I suspect that iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) users and Blackberry owners will have to wait for a UFC Fight Pass app as well, though I haven’t tested with those devices.

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  1. I have a roku 2 and I cannot get fight pass fights on it. I don’t even see an option for it on the channel. I’ve already signed up for fight pass and it works fine on my laptop. I’d love to watch the fights on the roku. I’ve tried everything and I’m very frustrated. Any suggestions?

    1. I have a Roku 3 so my answer is based on that, but it should be similar if not the same on the Roku 2.

      First off, make sure you have a and a UFC Fight Pass account. Your account is linked to your UFC Fight Pass account.

      When you access the UFC Fight Pass channel on your Roku, you won’t see any reference to UFC Fight Pass. But you will be able to access the UFC Fight Pass fights. Just click on Live Events, and it should let you watch them.

      If you’re looking to watch the fights tonight, look for UFC Fight Night: Machida vs. Mousasi. Click on it then choose the prelims and it should let you watch them without paying anything. The main event you’ll have to pay for, but you should have access to the UFC Fight Pass prelims for free.

        1. I also had this problem at first. I used to search for “prelims” until I realised the could be found under Related Videos. Enjoy the fights! Hopefully there are some finishes.

  2. Fight pass on roku is extremely unstable. Constant crashes with “playback error” ufc really dropped ball on this issue. I cancelled subscription until they resolve this problem.

    1. I’ve noticed this as well. I thought it might have been just my bad luck, but it’s good to have confirmation from another Roku/UFC Fight Pass subscriber who is also having issues. I hope these problems will be resolved once an updated version of the channel is available for the Roku. I notice that the Android app receives regular updates, but Roku is left in the dark.

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