How to Pay Less for UFC Pay-Per-Views

How to Pay Less for UFC Pay-Per-Views

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how the channel for Roku devices was updated and that the price to purchase Pay-Per-View events has risen to $59.99. In the past, the cost for ordering a PPV event through the channel on the Roku was $49.99.

Roku Receives Update, Now Supports UFC Fight Pass
Screenshot of the Roku channel showing the increased cost of a UFC Pay-Per-View.

Now, if you go to the website, you’ll see that you’re given two options for purchasing Pay-Per-View events: $49.99 for the standard definition version or $59.99 for the high definition version. It’s safe to think that the app was updated to reflect the cost of the HD version because Roku devices support HDTVs and 720p and 1080p HD resolutions.

If you want to watch UFC Pay-Per-Views on your Roku but don’t want to spend the full $59.99, simply log into your account on the website and purchase the SD version of the event rather than the HD version. When you open the channel on your Roku box and begin watching the stream, you’ll be given the HD version of the event rather than the SD version.

How to Pay Less for UFC Pay-Per-Views
Screenshot of the app on my Android phone, where Pay-Per-View events only cost $49.99.

I first learned of this loophole this past weekend when I purchased UFC 174 (which I regret purchasing, by the way.) I opened up the app on my phone and noticed that I was only given one purchase option: the $49.99 SD version. I rolled the dice and hoped for the best, and fortunately, I was given the HD stream of the event on my Roku despite purchasing the lower priced option through the Android app.

If you want to take things further into a gray area, you can also use a service like UnoTelly to make it appear as if you’re in Germany, for example, where the cost of a PPV event is about €18, or around $25-$30 if you’re American or Canadian, depending on the exchange rate. I’ve never tried this, nor do I plan on it, so I can’t say whether or not it will work or how the UFC will respond if you attempt such a thing.

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