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Sony’s PlayStation Vue Streaming Service, Sling TV Adds More Channels, Control Chromecast with Your TV Remote, and More!

My Sling TV account is still active but I can’t watch it!

A recent update to the service has banned accessing Sling TV from devices which Dish Network/Sling TV doesn’t approve of. I was using an apk downloaded from Reddit, but now upon launching the Sling app it says I need to update it from the app store. Accessing the app store from my Nexus Player won’t let me update the app. I did use my computer to download the APK and install it manually on my Nexus Player, but launching the app presents me with a message that says I’m not allowed to use this device with the Sling TV service. Very frustrating.

If anyone has a solution, let me know in the comments.

On with the links!

Sony Launches Playstation Vue Streaming Service – Sony has launched its own streaming service which is like a beefier Sling TV. It is costly though. So costly that you wonder why someone who wants to spend $80/month for live TV access just doesn’t pay for cable or satellite instead. (Via Engadget)

Sling Adds More Channels to its Lineup – Sling TV has added A&E, History, H2, and Lifetime to its streaming service, but I can’t check them out since Sling won’t let me use the service I pay for on my Nexus Player. (Via Engadget)

Sling TV Comes to Xbox One – Sling TV is now accessible on Xbox One consoles. It is not available on the Nexus Player or Android TV devices yet. (Via Engadget)

Apple Talking with Networks for Streaming Service – Apple is apparently in talks with 25 major networks for its own online streaming service which it hopes to launch this fall. (Via iPhone in Canada)

Cablevision to Offer HBO Now – HBO is offering its HBO Now service to other companies to sell for them, and Cablevision is one such company who has made a deal with HBO to resell its Now service to Cablevision internet users. (Via Engadget)

Control Your Chromecast with Your TV Remote – HDMI-CEC has a different names given to it by different manufacturers. LG calls it Simplink, Samsung calls it Anynet, etc. But it all does the same thing: allow you to control devices with your television’s remote. Chromecast now lets you play and pause videos via HDMI-CEC. (Via Lifehacker)

Seinfeld Streaming Bidding WarSeinfeld won’t be coming to Netflix, but the other streaming services are bidding on the show. Netflix paid $500,000 per episode for Friends for four years, so I’d imagine Seinfeld will fetch almost double that amount. (Via Engadget)

How to Stream the New Season of Community – The sixth season of Community has premiered exclusively on Yahoo Screen. Here’s how you can watch it, since most of us likely have no idea. (Via Engadget)

Shomi and Crave Available to Cable Cutters? – The CRTC has ruled that exclusive streaming content can be offered by Rogers and Bell so long as it’s also open to everyone, including those who don’t subscribe to Rogers or Bell. That doesn’t make either service sound that much more appealing to me though. (Via iPhone in Canada)


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