How to Live Stream UFC 202: Diaz vs. McGregor 2

How to Live Stream UFC 202: Diaz vs. McGregor 2

UFC 202 is finally here!

I’m rather excited, mainly because I won’t have to hear about McGregor vs. Diaz after Saturday night. I am assuming (and hoping) that Diaz wins yet again. If McGregor does manage to claim the victory–and I don’t see how, since I doubt he would improve that much in just a few months–then we have to go through many more months in the lead-up to the rubber match between the two.

The rest of the card is decent, but nothing mind-blowing. There’s a lot of talk that this card will be the highest-selling one in UFC history, but I don’t see how. As of Friday morning, there are still a lot of unsold seats left in the arena, and I don’t feel like there is as much buzz around 202 compared to UFC 200 or even compared to the first time Conor and Nate met.

The rest of the card includes fights like Anthony Johnson vs. Glover Teixeira, Donald Cerrone vs. Rick Story, Cody Garbrandt vs. Takeya Mizugaki, Neil Magny vs. Lorenz Larkin, and a bunch of other guys I don’t know/don’t care to see.

Like I said, a decent–not amazing–card.

How to Watch the Televised Prelims with Fight Pass

If you’re a cable cutter and want to catch the lackluster televised preliminary fights, there is a way to do this through your UFC Fight Pass account, even if it’s showing up as being “blacked out” due to the UFC’s television deals with a broadcaster in your region.

I’ve been using Unlocator for a couple of years now. This is a DNS service that makes you appear as if you’re located somewhere else in the world where your Fight Pass account isn’t subject to regional restrictions. When configured, Unlocator will allow you to log into Fight Pass to live stream otherwise “blacked out” content. This includes the televised prelims tonight, and all other UFC content that airs live on television and is blacked out on Fight Pass.

Unlocator works on any device you own, including desktop and laptop computers, cell phones and tablets, media streaming devices like the Nexus Player or Nvidia Shield Android TV, and it can also be configured at the router level. It’s as simple as entering in two DNS server addresses into the options of your preferred device and then logging into Fight Pass. You can literally be up and running with Unlocator in minutes.

Unlocator is available with a monthly subscription, or you can prepay for six months or for a full year. If you’re new to the service, there’s even a seven-day free trial so you can test the service before committing to a subscription.

Here’s How to Live Stream the Fights

UFC 202 kicks off Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 6:30 PM ET with three fights on UFC Fight Pass, followed by the televised prelims at 8 PM ET with four fights, and the main card Pay-Per-View begins at 10 PM ET with five fights.

If you’re a cable cutter, you can use one of these many devices to live stream the fights and not miss a minute of the action whether you’re at home or on the move:

Android TV
If you have an Android TV device like the Nexus Player, Razer Forge TV, or Nvidia Shield Android TV, there is now a and Fight Pass app available. Simply find it in the app store and install. Many TVs also feature the Android TV operating system and these can also be used to install the and Fight Pass app.

Amazon Fire TV
There is now an official and Fight Pass app available for all of the Amazon Fire TV devices. Install via the device’s app store.

If you have a Google Chromecast, you can stream the event to your Chromecast through your Apple iPhone or iPad or with your Android device through the and Fight Pass app, or by visiting the website on your computer.

If you have a Roku, you can download the and Fight Pass app to watch the fights on your television.

Apple TV
Download the official and Fight Pass app for the Apple TV to watch UFC and Fight Pass content on your television without the need to use AirPlay from your web browser or iOS device.

If you have an Xbox Live Gold account, you can download the and Fight Pass app and watch live events directly from your Xbox 360 your Xbox One console.

You can watch live UFC events on your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 through the Sony Entertainment Network. You will need to install the Live Events Viewer on your PS3 or PS4 to watch the fights live.

PlayStation Vue
If you’re a subscriber to the PlayStation Vue television streaming service, you’ll be able to watch the televised preliminary fights on the Fox Sports 1 channel.

Sling TV
If you’re a subscriber to the Sling TV television streaming service, you’ll be able to watch the televised preliminary fights on the Fox Sports 1 channel.

Smart TVs
If you have an LG or Samsung smart TV, search for “UFC” in the television’s app store to download the and Fight Pass app to stream the fights live. Sony TVs which feature the Android TV OS also have the app for Fight Pass access and live streaming events.

Smart Phones and Tablets
This is probably the least ideal way to watch a UFC event, but if you’re stuck and need to watch the fights on your phone or tablet, simply download the and Fight Pass app from Apple’s App Store for your iOS device, via Google Play for your Android device, or if you’re a one of those poor souls using a Blackberry, you can also find a and Fight Pass app in Blackberry’s App World.

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