How to Live Stream the 2016 New Year’s Eve Ball Drop from Times Square

One thing that many cable cutters overlook is ringing in the new year. Fortunately there are a couple of ways to count down the remaining seconds of 2015 and ring in 2016 from the comfort of your home this new year’s eve.

If you have an OTA (over-the-air) antenna configured in your home, you already have everything you need. You should have multiple options for ringing in the new year, from local coverage to national coverage from around the United States. The grand daddy of all new year’s eve celebrations is, of course, the Times Square ball drop from New York City. With your OTA antenna, you should have many options to choose from to watch the ball drop live as you ring in 2016.

For cable cutters who don’t have access to traditional television in the form of an OTA antenna, I would recommend CBSN. In year’s past, I’ve suggested USTVNow, however, the service has experienced a lot of buffering and streams that never load due to so many people trying to access the stream.

I watch CBSN a lot, and have heard that new year’s coverage will begin at 11 PM EST. CBSN is a great option because CBS has the servers needed to handle many concurrent live streams, and the service is accessible on a wide range of devices. You can watch CBSN on the web, through your mobile device or tablet with the CBSN app, or on your television using the CBSN app for your Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, or Xbox One.

Enjoy the stream, and happy new year!


Save $15 Off the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple Streaming Network TV Rumors, Comcast’s Stream Internet TV Service, and More!

Save $15 Off the Amazon Fire TV Stick – Today is Prime Day over at Amazon which means there are many great deals to be had. One of the best is Amazon’s own Fire TV Stick receiving a $15 price cut, bringing the cost down to just $24! (Via Amazon)

Amazon Producing its First Original Film – It was rumored for a while, but Amazon has now confirmed that it is producing its first film, Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq.

Apple to Stream Local Television Networks – The rumor mill is churning and once again it’s about Apple’s streaming television service. The New York Post is reporting that Apple will provide the local networks (ABC, Fox, NBC, etc.) that the other services are lacking. (Via iPhone in Canada)

CraveTV to Launch Early Next Year – Currently CraveTV is only available to Bell television subscribers, but as of January 1, 2016, it will be available to all Canadians who wish to subscribe to the streaming service. (Via iPhone in Canada)

Comcast to Launch Stream Internet TV Service – Comcast is set to slowly roll out Stream, an internet television service available for $15 per month exclusively to its Xfinity subscribers. (Via Lifehacker)

Amazon Introduces AirPlay and Google Cast Imitator – Amazon has released an SDK for its Fling feature, which is an AirPlay and Google Cast-like ability to send audio/video content from your phone or tablet to your Fire TV. (Via Engadget)

Showtime’s Streaming Service Launches, TiVo Offers Aereo Subscribers a Deal, and Comedy Central Lands on Roku

Showtime’s Streaming Service Now Available – Nipping at the heels of HBO Now is Showtime’s streaming service, which is now available on Apple and Roku devices along with Hulu and Playstation Vue. More devices will be supported in the future, though there is no timeline for that. (Via Engadget)

TiVo Offers Old Aereo Subscribers a Deal – TiVo purchased what was left of Aereo after the Supreme Court ruled that it could no longer operate. Since that purchase included Aereo’s customer database, TiVo is now extending a deal to those old Aereo subscribers, which includes an OTA box, a streaming device, and access to its services for just $20/month for two years. (Via Engadget)

Comedy Central Channel Hits Roku – A Comedy Central channel was quietly made available to Roku users recently. To access the full library of content you will need to enter cable credentials, though there is still some free content available outside of the walled garden for us cable cutters. (Via Engadget)

Amazon Streams HDR Content, HBO Streams Pilots on Facebook, Hulu Offers Showtime Subscriptions, and More!

Netflix is Big – How many people are watching stuff on Netflix? If you applied traditional television ratings to Netflix, it would have more viewers than the major networks. (Via Gizmodo)

HDR Content Coming to Amazon Instant Video – Amazon has started to stream HDR (high dynamic range) content on its Instant Video service, despite the fact that there aren’t many HDR-capable TVs on the market. Aside from its original show Mozart in the Jungle, there isn’t other HDR content currently available to watch on the streaming service. (Via Gizmodo)

HBO Streams Pilots on Facebook – HBO has put up the pilots for its new shows Ballers and The Brink on Facebook, available for anyone on Facebook to watch for free. (Via Engadget)

Add Showtime to Your Hulu Subscription – If you’re looking to add Showtime to your bundle of cord-cutting streaming services, you can add it to your Hulu subscription for just $9 per month, which is cheaper than paying Showtime directly for $11 per month. (Via Gizmodo)

Ads Coming to Roku Devices, Play MKVs on Your PS4, Kodi Available on Google Play, Nick on Roku, Netflix UK Price Increase, and More!

It’s been a while, guys. I’ve missed you.

Roku to Get Interactive Ads – A few of your favorite Roku channels/apps could soon be showing you targeted, interactive ads. Yay. (Via Engadget)

The PS4’s Media Player Can Play MKVs – One of the most popular video containers you’ll find when downloading videos online is MKV. The PS4’s new Media Player app can play MKVs along with other formats over USB and WiFi. (Via Kotaku)

Sony’s Playstation Vue to Offer Individual Channels…Kind of – Sony’s PlayStation Vue Sling TV/cable/satellite alternative will give you the option of a la carte channel subscribing…for three channels. (Via Gizmodo)

Kodi Now Available on Google Play – Kodi (formerly XBMC) can now be downloaded/installed directly from the Google Play store on your Android device, including Android TV devices like the Nexus Player and Shield Android TV. Take that, Amazon Fire TV. (Via Lifehacker)

Netflix Released Orange is the New Black Early – I’m a little late with this, but Netflix dropped the latest season of Orange is the New Black early, releasing the entire third season during prime time rather than at 3 AM ET. Makes sense! (Via Engadget)

Nick Now on Roku Devices – The Nickelodeon streaming app is now available for Roku devices along with iOS and Android devices, Amazon, and the Xbox 360 console. (Via Engadget)

Police Raiding Sellers of Android Streaming Boxes – The sellers of those crappy Android boxes you find at flea markets, pre-loaded with links to awful pirated streaming sites are now being raided by the police. Good! They give Kodi/XBMC a bad name, which has no doubt led to the popular media player software to get yanked from Amazon’s app store. (Via TorrentFreak)

Amazon to Finance Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote Movie – Amazon will help Terry Gilliam finally create The Man Who Killed Don Quixote by bankrolling the film. (Via Engadget)

Razer Buying Ouya – Two struggling media streaming/console devices could merge in the future, as Razer (creators of the Android TV device the Razer Forge TV) have purchased Ouya. (Via Gizmodo)

Netflix Raises Prices in the UK – Netflix has raised the cost of its basic HD plan by £0.50, from £6.99 to £7.49 per month. (Via Engadget)

Marriott Partners with Netflix – Marriott has partnered with Netflix to bring its guests access to the streaming service in its rooms, though it will only be rolled out to a paltry 300 hotels in the US by the end of 2016. (Via Engadget)

CraveTV Compared to Netflix, Netflix Producing New Brad Pitt Movie, Showtime Coming to Roku, and More!

CraveTV Compared to Netflix – 90% of what’s available on Bell’s streaming service CraveTV isn’t available on the Canadian or American versions of Netflix. That doesn’t mean it’s worth subscribing to, though. (Via iPhone in Canada)

Netflix to Produce Brad Pitt Movie – Netflix is partnering with Brad Pitt’s production company to produce War Machine, a satirical look at the war in Afghanistan. (Via Engadget)

Showtime Coming to Roku and Sony Products – Showtime’s upcoming streaming service will not only be available to Apple TV and iOS users, but it will also land on Roku streaming devices, select Sony televisions, and Sony’s Playstation Vue streaming service. (Via Engadget)

How to Use a Chromecast Without Internet Access – It’s plausible that someone could have media stored locally they want to stream to the Chromecast, but they don’t have an internet connection. There is a way to do this. Lifehacker shows you how. (Via Lifehacker)

Showtime’s New Streaming Service, Yahoo to Live Stream NFL Game, Netflix is Testing Ads, We Need More Internet, and More!

Well, lots of news has broke since the last time I made a post. I’ve been a little busy with the new Nvidia Shield Android TV. To be honest, I’m a little underwhelmed with it, but I’ll cover that in a later blog post.

For now, let’s look at all the things that I have missed the past few days:

Showtime’s Streaming Service is $11 Per Month – After the success of HBO Now, Showtime is looking to launch its own streaming service at a slightly lower price than HBO Now’s $15/month subscription. Like HBO Now, it will be an Apple exclusive at launch in July. (Via Engadget)

Yahoo to Live Stream NFL Football Game – Not sure why a company live streaming a single football game is a big deal, but Yahoo will be live streaming the October Bills/Jaguars game from London, and Yahoo paid $10,000,000 for the rights to do so. (Via Deadspin)

GameFly Launches Amazon Fire TV Game Streaming Service – On the heels of the Nvidia Sheild Android TV game/media streaming device, GameFly brings a similar game-streaming service to the Amazon Fire TV. (Via Gizmodo)

Netflix is Testing Ads – Maybe you’ve seen them, maybe you haven’t, but Netflix is apparently playing around with inserting ads for its original programming (Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, etc.) before and after you watch a show or movie. (Via Gizmodo)

Lenovo Announces Chromecast Competitor – The Chromecast is so ubiquitous and easy to use that I can’t see anything else so similar catching on. Nevertheless, Lenovo’s puck features the ability to receive Chromecast casts (?) along with Miracast and DLNA streams. (Via Gizmodo)

We Need More Internet – Households that have cut the cable use twice the amount of bandwidth as those who pay for cable or satellite, and now we’re running out of internet. (Via Gizmodo)

Shomi to Accept Cable Cutters – Currently the Canadian Shomi streaming service is only available to Rogers or Shaw cable subscribers, but Shomi has revealed that it will launch to everyone this summer, no cable sub required. (Via iPhone in Canada)

Downloadable 4K Movies Coming, Seinfeld on Hulu Next Month, Xbox One OTA Tuner Now Available, and More!

Vidity Will Let You Download 4K Movies – Vidity, an official 4K streaming movie service backed by movie studios and hardware companies like Western Digital and Sandisk, is coming to TVs, streaming devices, tablets, and phones by the end of the year. (Via Engadget)

Seinfeld Hits Hulu in June – Every episode of Seinfeld will be available to stream on Hulu starting on June 24, 2015. (Via Engadget)

Stream HBO and Showtime on Your Amazon Fire Device (with a Catch) – If you have an Amazon Fire TV or Stick AND if you know a Comcast customer with HBO and Showtime who wants to “lend” you their login credentials, both channels’ streaming services can now be streamed on Amazon’s devices. (Via Engadget)

Xbox One Over-the-Air Tuner Now Available – The Xbox One over-the-air antenna tuner is now available for Xbox One owners and cord cutters who want to integrate legal live TV into their consoles. (Via iPhone in Canada)

Amazon Fire TV Stick Price Drop (in the UK) – UK residents who have been holding off buying an Amazon Fire TV Stick might want to pull the trigger now that it has been cut by £10 down to a price of £25. (Via Engadget)

Watch Popcorn Time in Your Browser – You no longer need an Android or iOS device to watch Popcorn Time: you can now watch movies in your browser while you’re at work. (Via Gizmodo)

Plex Coming to TiVo in June – On June 8, 2015, TiVo Roamio, Mini, and Premiere devices will gain Plex support to bring local and remote media streaming to their TiVos. (Via Engadget)

Chromecast Adds Support for Lots of Apps – The apps for CBS, Fox Now, FX Now, and HGTV Watch have all been updated and now support streaming to the Chromecast. (Via Lifehacker)

Hulu Has Saved The Mindy Project – Fox recently cancelled The Mindy Project but Hulu has stepped in to save it and will bring fans of the show a 26-episode fourth season sometime in the future. (Via Engadget)

Netflix Could Be Coming to China – Netflix is in talks to bring its streaming service to China. (Via Engadget)

Twitch Now Available on Roku Devices – A Twitch app is now available for Roku devices if you enjoy watching other people play video games. (Via Engadget)

How to Install Amazon Instant Video on Your Nexus Player (and Other Android TV Devices)

There hasn’t yet been an official version of the Amazon Instant Video app released on Google Play for Android TV devices like the Nexus Player and Razer Forge TV to install. However, there was an official version of the Amazon Instant Video app installed on Sony TVs that have the Android TV software installed on them.

User brar.arsh on the XDA Developers Nexus Player forum took the APK for the Amazon Instant Video app from his Sony TV and uploaded it so other Android TV users can install it on their devices. Users have confirmed it works on the Nexus Player and the precursor to the Nexus Player, the ADT-1. The APK should work on the Razer Forge TV as well, assuming you don’t have any other Amazon app installed on the device.

To install the APK you can use either Air-Share & Air-Launch or install ES File Explorer on your Android TV device. From the program of your choice, launch the APK file to start the installation process of Amazon Instant Video.


TiVo to Become Legal Aereo, Mohu Channels Review, Black Mirror Might Head to Netflix, VMedia Streams Live TV, and More!

TiVo to Become a Legal Aereo – When Aereo had to close and sell itself off, TiVo bought up its trademarks and customer list. It looks like TiVo is now working on a similar service that won’t have broadcasters suing the company. (Via Engadget)

Mohu Channels Streaming Box – I think I’ve written about this in the past, but Lifehacker goes more in depth with Mohu’s Channels streaming box, an accompaniment to its OTA antennas. This allows you to bring your OTA TV channels and streaming services together in one unified device. (Via Lifehacker)

BBC iPlayer No Longer Allowed Outside UK – Apparently the BBC’s iPlayer streaming service was open to (some) people outside the UK, including Canadians like myself. Unfortunately the BBC is now shutting down the service to those who aren’t located in the UK. (Via Engadget)

Black Mirror Headed to Netflix?Black Mirror is a popular Channel 4 program. It has become even more popular since it hit the American Netflix in December. The series’ creator said a third season is on the way, but it could be headed to Netflix rather than the UK’s Channel 4. (Via Engadget)

VMedia to Offer Internet Streaming TV Service – The CRTC has granted VMedia permission to offer internet-based television streaming services. Think of this as a traditional cable or satellite package that you stream over the internet, much like Dish Network’s Sling TV. 50 channels will cost $30/month with 70 channels costing $45/month. (Via iPhone in Canada)

CraveTV Now Supports Chromecast – Bell’s CraveTV streaming service has updated its apps to support the Chromecast. (Via iPhone in Canada)