The Avengers Now Available on Netflix

Chances are that anyone who’s wanted to see The Avengers probably has by now, but those of you who haven’t can now check it out on the US Netflix website in high definition as of two days ago. Those who are located in Canada will have to wait, as it currently isn’t available to Canadians.

Hemlock Grove Returning to Netflix for Season Two

Those of you dying for a Hemlock Grove season two will be happy to hear that Netflix has annonced that Eli Roth’s show will be returning for a second season. The horror/thriller’s second season will likely be released sometime next year. Netflix has also announced that two of its other original series will be hitting the season two milestone, with Lilyhammer set to drop later this year and House of Cards season two currently in production.

Via: Engadget

HBO Go and WatchESPN Now Available on Apple TV

Available today, American Apple TV owners can now download and install HBO Go and WatchESPN apps to their Apple TVs to stream HBO content and ESPN onto their televisions. At first glance this is exciting news, but in reality it’s more of a baby step towards cutting the cable completely. In order to use both the HBO Go and WatchESPN apps, users must also be subscribers of HBO and ESPN via their cable or satellite provider. Yes, that means if you want to watch HBO and ESPN on your Apple TV (or iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) you need a television subscription that includes both those premium channels. It’s a little frustrating to see apps like this, but I see it as a small step towards one day being able to pay a monthly fee a la Hulu to gain full access to HBO programming or EPSN shows and live events. Maybe the release of these apps is a way for them to gauge interest in developing Hulu-like online streaming services for those of us who no longer wish to pay for our television content the traditional way.

Via: Gizmodo